No Substitutes of #Ramadhan #1434H


2013-07-05 18.43.36
 I feel the wind brush across my face
Like an invisible wave crashing over me
I started holding my breath the moment I left
Wondering what the day was going to bring for me
But there’s no way that I could every prepare
For the scope of it all, for the chill in the air
The cold of the rain, the warmth of the day
I’m never gonna be the same
The whole world’s racing by
And no words can describe how this feels inside
come and go so fast,
these moments never last
‘Cause something’s feel incomplete,
not quite how it should be
‘Cause every road that I’ve taken
Can never be mistaken for the one that now is under my feet
And I realize with open eyes
Either Ramadhan or Life,
Every second that we have is once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime
Cause there is no substitute,
No substitute….
Melbourne, 07/08/2013- 11.36
#Winter #last #Ramadhan
“Rasa kehilangan hanya akan ada jika engkau merasa memiliki” (Letto)
Meski tidak ‘memiliki’ Ramadhan seutuhnya, namun merasakan sangat kehilangan… sangat….
*Editing text–original english text by Hoobastank: You need to be here

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