Mahzab…. :)

” ….Wajib ditulis untuk mereka buku-buku fekah yang memudahkan tanpa terikat dengan mazhab tertentu”.

(Al-Qaradawi: Dr Yusuf, Kaif Nata’amal Ma’ al-Turath, m.s. 83-84, Kaherah: Maktab Wahbah).


“Tidak ada seorang pun melainkan ia wajib bermazhab dengan sunnah Rasulullah dan mengikutinya. Apa jua yang aku ucapkan atau tetapkan tentang sesuatu perkara (ushul), sedangkan ucapanku itu bertentangan dengan sunnah Rasulullah, maka yang diambil adalah sabda Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam. Dan demikianlah ucapanku (dengan mengikuti sabda Rasulullah).” (Imam asy-Syafi’i rahimahullah: Disebutkan oleh Ibnul Qayyim dalam I’lam al-Muwaqq’in, 2/286)


5 reasons to nominate yourself for the TED Prize

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Chances are, you’ve heard Ghandi’s famous words: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Now, you have an opportunity to bring the famous adage to life. The TED Prize is a $1 million grant, awarded annually to a bold leader with an idea for a large-scale, high-impact project that will inspire global change.

Nominations for the TED Prize are open on a rolling basis. So there’s lots of time to nominate yourself and share your wish for the world. If a little nagging voice inside your head is trying to discourage you, here are 5 reasons to nominate yourself for the TED Prize.

  1. Because if not you, then who? Ask yourself: What if the world is waiting for a bright idea that only youcan offer? You’re the best storyteller about your own experiences. While being recommended by someone else is an honor and carries the same weight as self-nomination…

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9 talks for Father’s Day

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He is a part of you. Whether you are close or not, whether he was a constant part of your life or not, he impacted who you are today. You love him – except maybe when you can’t stand him. For better or worse, he is your dad. Celebrate this Father’s Day with these nine TED Talks about the importance of dads. From what Steve Addis did to maintain his relationship with his daughter to what Adam Garone grew to help dads everywhere, these talks inspire, comfort and remind us just how important a father’s love can be.

[ted_talkteaser id=1606] Adam Garone: Healthier Men, One Moustache At a Time
In his TEDxToronto talk, Adam Garone speaks about how a dare in a bar lead to $126 million for prostate cancer research.
[ted_talkteaser id=1031]Tony Porter: A call to men
In Tony Porter’s emotional and personal talk from TEDWomen, he entreats…

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