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5 Steps: How to go to Taipei Grand Mosque -台北清真寺-

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Taipei Grand Mosque (TGM)


Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb

brothers and sisters….

Do you confuse how to go to Taipei Grand Mosque -TGM?

Here i will explain it….


5 STEPS: How to go to Taipei Grand Mosque by MRT


1. With MRT, So please:


– STOP at MRT GUTING station (EXIT 4)

MRT Map to Guting


2. After you arrive at GUTING MRT station ——> go to EXIT 4 (NTUT)

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2012-12-29 12.10.49


3. Here… the outside of GATE 4.

     I will explain by video… it will be easier for you…

(From Gate 4 GUTING MRT Station —-> go straight ——> find coffee cafe——-> Turn right ——> go straight —–> Right side there is International Beef Store (HALAL beef store) ^.^ -you can buy HALAL meat in here… 🙂 ——> go straight ——-> find Bus Stop (TAIWAN POWER COMPANY -MRT Guting Station) 


4. From Bus Stop TAIWAN POWER Company …..take any bus :

Take these bus and STOP at  WENZHUO St. ENTRANCE.

*Bus No. 15, 18, 235, 238, 278, 295, 662, 663, 672, etc (see the video)

Here the video to explain  No. 4 and No. 5


5. (Watch the video and follow these instruction) 

From Bus stop (WENZHUO st. Entrance) go straight——-> Find 7-11——-> Cross the road——> Turn right ——> go straight ——–>find the biggest Cross Road ——> Turn Left —->Go straight (until you find SAKURA store- It’s Indonesian stuffs store) —-> go straight——-> left side…



You will find TAIPEI GRAND MOSQUE ^^





Enjoy your ‘praying’ time at Taipei Grand Mosque….

*Allahu Akbar*

*Any other suggestion? questions? Still confuse?…
just use your GPS, wishfully it works! 😀

Wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb



For Your Information:

>Taipei Grand Mosque (TGM) website :

> Taipei Metro Website (plus download MRT Map):

> TGM provides free wifi (use it wisely :D) (Username: TGM_____Password: 23219445)