5 reasons to nominate yourself for the TED Prize

TED Blog

Chances are, you’ve heard Ghandi’s famous words: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Now, you have an opportunity to bring the famous adage to life. The TED Prize is a $1 million grant, awarded annually to a bold leader with an idea for a large-scale, high-impact project that will inspire global change.

Nominations for the TED Prize are open on a rolling basis. So there’s lots of time to nominate yourself and share your wish for the world. If a little nagging voice inside your head is trying to discourage you, here are 5 reasons to nominate yourself for the TED Prize.

  1. Because if not you, then who? Ask yourself: What if the world is waiting for a bright idea that only youcan offer? You’re the best storyteller about your own experiences. While being recommended by someone else is an honor and carries the same weight as self-nomination…

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