5 reasons to nominate yourself for the TED Prize

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Some of the TED Prize winners of the past. Could you be the next?

Chances are, you’ve heard Ghandi’s famous words: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Now, you have an opportunity to bring this famous adage to life by dreaming up a high-impact collaborative action for the global community. The TED Prize is an annual $1 million grant given to a bold leader with an idea for a large-scale project, organization or campaign that has the potential to inspire the world. With the TED Prize nominations deadline on the horizon — all nominations must be received June 16 at midnight — there’s still time for you to nominate yourself and share your ambitious wish for the world.

Is a little nagging voice in your head discouraging you from stepping into the ring? Take TED speaker Adora Svitak’s wisdom to heart: “In order to make anything…

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